iMovie 10 Tutorial 9: Clip Transitions

Hello everyone!

This ninth video explains how to add clip transitions to make a clip fade into the next clip rather than cutting sharply. Unfortunately I’ve discovered an error in my explanation; clip transitions CAN be edited, although what you can do with them is pretty basic. Right click on a transition and select “Show Precision Editor” to edit how long a transition lasts into the next clip. I try to catch all errors during the recording process, but this one slipped through and I didn’t notice it until after I uploaded the video. Sorry!

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  1. Very useful, thanks.

    One small error (unless I’ve misunderstood): The transition length is indeed editable. Just double click on the transition itself in the timeline. Then edit the dialog box that appears.

    1. You’re quite right! I try to catch any errors I make before uploading, but unfortunately this one snuck through. I didn’t even notice it until after I had uploaded the video to YouTube, and I decided it was a small enough error that an explanation in the description would be sufficient.

      The length of a clip transition can be edited in two ways: double-click on the transition to open a length adjuster, or right click and select “Show Precision Editor” for more advanced options involving the starting and stopping point of the transition.

      I’m planning to redo this series for Yosemite’s version of iMovie 10 (which, Apple being Apple, has been altered slightly across the board), and I promise not to make this particular mistake again.

      EDIT: Series redone and uploaded. Check for a proper explanation of clip transitions.

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