Cassidy S.

Past UVic Student Mental Health Blogger

Hi! I’m Cassidy: a Student Mental Health Leader and absentminded doodler in my final year of my psychology/sociology degree. I’m a big fan of the ocean, pottery, gardening, being in the passenger seat on road trips, wool socks, Bananagrams, Neil Gaiman, and a good cup of tea.

My own struggles with mental health, both personally and in those close to me, have led to my current studies and my passion for mental health advocacy. Following my undergraduate degree, I hope to pursue my Masters in counselling psychology.

 Here on the blog, I hope to share more about tools and strategies for coping with affective disorders, as well as tactics for finding balance within the wild, sometimes-hectic, tumultuous life of a student.

Feeling Unreal? This Might Be Why.

Feeling Unreal? This Might Be Why.

I really, really don’t like naps. This might be an uncommon thing for a university student to say. I mean, sleep is great! It recharges you, is a great way to avoid studying under the guise of meeting your basic needs, and just feels so good. Studies have shown that...