Akshay B.

Past UVic Student Mental Health Blogger

Hi readers, my name is Akshay and I am a 4th year Psychology undergrad. I transferred to UVic in 2016 and I absolutely love it here.

I am a UVic Student Mental Health Leader and the Director of Events for both UVic Psi Chi and UVic Psychology Organization of Students (Psych.O.S).

Outside of school, I like to play pool (billiards), golf, and volleyball. I also like to run, listen to music, and cook new recipes; all three of which are some of the ways I practice self-care to boost my personal mental health.

I am thrilled to be a Student Mental Health Blogger and I hope to be able to help fellow university students find a balance between personal and academic life. I aspire to become a clinical psychologist in the future, and through this blog hope to bring awareness and bust the stigma that surrounds mental health by the time I finish my PhD 😉

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