The beginning of the school year is here, and for many, this brings up lots of different feelings… good, bad, and likely both. Many of you will be experiencing pure excitement, and others will be feeling a lot of angst, and I am here to tell you that both are totally okay. You are not alone in any of this!

University is fast, and it is hard but also full of lots of greatness. It is also okay if your university experience looks different than someone else’s; no experience is better than the other. My advice is that this is the time to be your true self. If you like to party, party, but if you don’t, don’t do it just because. Do what makes you happy and what will make you proud when you look back. It is okay if you are strictly in it to fulfill academic goals too. Something we can all do is realize that everyone’s journey is different and be understanding of that. There is not one perfect picture of university.

There will be lots of shitty parts and also lots of great ones. There will be classes you hate and the ones you love. No matter what you want to get out of university, you will meet people, do fun things, and enjoy classes. Everyone’s university experience is unique, and that is awesome.

Something I have focused on a lot in the past 2 years is romanticizing the things that I love about my routine because as hard as this time is, soon we will blink, and it will be over just like that. Picking out a few things you are excited about, focusing on, and believing in yourself will help; I know it!

Here are a few things that I am doing to help set me up for success this term:

-Going to the beach
-Taking lots of walks
-Writing out my schedule and do dates so that I feel set up for success
-Creating a meal plan that I look forward to
-Connecting with friends and family daily
-Creating a room environment that makes me feel safe and happy
-Meditation and journaling
-Reading a new book that is not academically related

I am here to tell you that your excitement, your worries, and you are valid!

I wish you all the best in your first semester! And I hope each of you gets out of university what you are hoping to, whatever that may be! 

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