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I am extremely excited to share an upcoming event with you that I have had the privilege of helping organize. On March 31st, the UVic Students Above Stigma are hosting an online research symposium from 5:00-7:00 pm, composed of passionate student speakers sharing lived experiences, research, and information to voice awareness on different topics related to mental illness. The Students Above Stigma is a club which believes in the power of education and knowledge in eradicating the stigma around mental illness and hope this event will continue this goal. If these topics are of interest to you, I highly recommend checking out the Instagram account: @uvic_sas or website where you can find highlights of current research, information dispelling the myths around mental illness, and a podcast that promotes these issues and talks to individuals in the community.

The stigma around mental health limits the access individuals have to support, education, and resources that should be accessible to everyone. The barriers related to destigmatizing mental health are long and widespread, but as individuals become more educated and aware of these issues we are creating space for these conversations to be had. The creation of this event was with this in mind. The goal of the research symposium is to be a place for these meaningful and necessary conversations to happen.

I encourage you to tune in, support student speakers, and share this event with anyone who might be interested. Unlike some UVic events, this is not limited to just UVic students! Everyone can help reduce the stigma around mental illness by becoming more educated. I personally think this is a great way for individuals in our life to engage with these topics and will be sharing the event with my family and friends. Feel free to do the same!

Here’s the short and sweet of it: 

What: Students Above Stigma Research Symposium

Date: March 31, 2022

Time: 5:00-7:00 pm PST

Where: Zoom https://uvic.zoom.us/j/82643708926?pwd=OEhkQWdIWmpTRFpXb3NSNVg3VXVEZz09 

Meeting ID: 826 4370 8926

Password: 416189

Everyone is welcome!

For more information, visit the UVic Students Above Stigma Instagram: uvic_sas or website.


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