University is a time of new beginnings, new experiences, new opportunities, and new people. Along with these new beginnings, it can also feel like we are relearning how to do many things. I found making new friendships to be one of those things. Friendships in university can be exciting, confusing, and scary at times. Since starting my journey at UVic I have learned 4 key lessons about friendship.


Lesson 1: Never be embarrassed to be friendly.

It can be extremely intimidating to go against the norm and reach out or start a conversation with someone. It’s almost like we are scared of standing out – when standing out is sometimes the most powerful thing you can do. This might be something simple like asking the cashier at biblio cafe how their day is going, or complimenting someone’s outfit. Starting new conversations and talking to new people has been one of the best ways to make friends.


Lesson 2: Everyone is facing challenges.

It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others in university. We often make others out to be perfect in our heads and idealize them in some way, such as how they dress, or the grades they get. I find this mentality to be really draining and it’s important to remember that everyone has challenges and difficulties they are facing. This is important to remember when meeting new people because when we make judgments about someone before getting to know them we can limit ourselves and the friendships that may form.


Lesson 3: There can be many different types of friendships.

Not every friendship will be the same in university. There might be friends who you only talk to in class, or ones that you can count on for anything. I have learned to appreciate all of my friendships because they all have value and meaning. Every friendship will be different, but as long as they are beneficial to your well-being they hold value.


Lesson 4: Friends make the world go round.

Especially since moving away from home, I have become so thankful for my friends. They are there for me when I fall down and there to celebrate when I am back on my feet. Friends can be crucial to surviving the stress and pressure of university.


Navigating friendships in university can be challenging, but it’s so worth it. All you can do is just take it one step at a time.

All the best,


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