Hey readers! I hope everyone is able to find some time to breath during this point in the semester. A gentle reminder to nourish yourself too.

This month I am writing about being surrounded by people while still experiencing feelings of loneliness. Loneliness is a complex emotion. It can be heart aching, isolating, and numbing. It is universally experienced and a part of being human. First and foremost, no matter how lonely you feel, you are not alone in the experience.

Feeling alone while surrounded by others is exhausting. I know the feeling of coexisting among others on campus, with roommates, or family, while feeling emotionally detached from the experience of it all. It is normal to sometimes feel like you are just going through the motions of the day. Life fluctuates, and the energy right may seem mundane or stagnant. But everything is temporary. And it is imperative to acknowledge that you are not alone in your loneliness. We are entering a season known for rest and internal reflection. It is okay to give into the energy shift, rather it is natural. The darkness lasts longer, the weather is gloomy, and people are tired. Sometimes allowing and turning towards the loneliness creates the time and space needed for a recharge. Emotions are deigned to guide our actions to meet our unique internal/external needs as human beings. Feeling lonely while surrounded by others is difficult, because often times there are no clear answers or remedies. Complex emotional experiences like this one are best managed through the art of wallowing. Acknowledging, sinking in, and waiting for it to pass. Because it always passes.

If you are able to resonate with this, then I am here to say you are not alone. I have had conversations with friends and peers about this same phenomena. On the other hand, if feelings of loneliness are impairing you in any physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects then you may benefit from seeking outside support. Sometimes we need extra help getting out of the rut, and that perfectly okay.

This is an emotion that will run its course and pass. You will be left with increased resiliency, and a sense of autonomy over your ability to deal with the uncomfortable parts of existence.

In the meantime, have compassion for yourself and remember to recognize the small accomplishments rather than the negative side of things. Call a friend or a parent, and even if there is not a lot to say it can still feel comforting to hear the voices of those who mean a lot to us.

All the best <3