Hello, happy March everyone! I recently discovered a great club that was founded here at the University of Victoria and wanted to share it with you all, it is called Students Above Stigma.

Here are some facts from their website:
• Founded in 2020.
• Sydney Waddington, a current Uvic undergrad, is the club founder.
• The club was founded as a response to the stigma surrounding psychiatric illnesses.
• Science is at the core of their posts and the information that they post on their social media accounts.

They even have a research blog that has covered topics such as internalized stigma, borderline personality disorder, and cannabis use disorder.

I found this club through Instagram and was impressed by their informative and eye-catching posts about mental health disorders and other stigma-related topics. If you are looking for another blog to read that covers mental health topics but with a more research-based focus, I highly recommend checking out the Students Above Stigma website. Additionally, if this is something that you find interesting reach out to them about becoming a general member or applying to be an executive member as they are currently looking for members to join their Creative Team.

I hope you have a great rest of the month!


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