Hello readers,

Many of you are still in the midst of writing exams, and some of you are already enjoying your winter break. Regardless of your schedule, we are very soon approaching a new semester and a new year. As I have been finishing my own exams and final papers, I have been having a hard time finding ways to relax after such a hard semester. My brain seems to be telling me that I must keep doing school-related tasks; my body says that I’m utterly exhausted. I thought I would share some activities to do either as a study break or a way to kick off the end of the semester.

1.  Take some time to be in nature.

Being cooped up inside either the library, exam rooms, or even your own bedroom for long periods of time is the sad reality of the final exam season. Take some time to step away from work and re-integrate yourself back into the natural world. My favorite spots to appreciate the beauty of Victoria are Beacon Hill Park, Gonzales Beach, and the Gonzales Observatory.


















2.  Situate yourself in a tradition.

Regardless of your background, this time of year is a time to reflect upon many different cultures and passed-down traditions. It is amazing to reflect and participate in the many different traditions that we celebrate this time of year. Take some time to situate yourself within a family tradition. Maybe that is baking a passed down recipe or visiting a place of worship. Maybe it is creating new traditions with close friends. 

This photo was taken in the drawing-room at Craigdarroch Castle where I work. If you enjoy local history, as well as beautiful historical buildings, come and enjoy stepping back in time to the holidays of the late-Victorian era.  If you are a student you get a discounted rate with a valid student ID. Operating hours are between 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Additionally, the Parliament Building lights are stunning this time of year—most especially at night. I love drinking hot chocolate and walking around the harbour with my partner.

3. Make memories with friends or family.

This time of year always reminds of me how lucky I am to have an amazing circle of friends by my side. Take some time to re-connect with the people that you love and uplift yourselves. Whether that be through a simple phone call, a coffee date, or a holiday party, it’s never a bad time to remind others that you love and support them.

 This is my best friend and me about to go to a holiday party. We have a tradition of being super silly. Whenever we get ready to hang out with friends we listen to our favourite guilty pleasure artists, like NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, and B-44, and sing along at the top of our lungs in the most outlandish way. I love spending time with her because we have no filters around each other. She’s someone that makes this time of year very special for me.





4. Get creative.

It’s really easy to not do anything creative during the winter break because of burnout. If you have the energy and the means, I highly encourage you to read for pleasure, take up an art project, or bake for others. I recently started a bullet journal and I have found it to be such a great way to spend my free time. Accomplishing something for yourself is extremely satisfying— especially after tackling the academic demands of university.




Regardless of whatever activity that you partake in this break, make sure that you take time for yourself. Relax, recharge, and reinvent yourself. A new semester and new year is just around the corner.  


Thanks for reading,