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Throughout my time at UVic, I’ve noticed there’s are many initiatives aimed at promoting large resources available to students, namely Health Services and Counselling Services. However, UVic has A LOT to offer and many students don’t know what’s available. Let’s shed a light on a few more resources… They just might make your life a little easier.

Hidden Gem #1: The Wellness Space

 The Wellness Space opened in 2018 through the Peer Support Centre (PSC). For anyone who is not familiar with PSC, please click here for more information… It’s debatably a hidden gem unto itself. The Wellness Space is a weekly drop-in space that offers students a time and place to decompress, talk about mental health, or do some self-care activities. There’s free tea, comfy chairs, art supplies, and friendly volunteers who are available for a chat. The Wellness Space takes place every Friday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm in room B035 in the Student Union Building.

Hidden Gem #2: Support Options at the Interfaith Chapel

Many students know about the Interfaith Chapel. However, most don’t realize that the chapel’s services go way beyond worship. One of their more well-known services is the weekly Pet Café, which happens every Wednesday to help students decompress with free cookies and friendly animals. The Interfaith Chapel also has a weekly grief support group and laughing meditation. Please click here to see the schedule of events and support resources.

Hidden Gem #3: Emergency Loan Funding 

This may not be a wellness resource, but we all know financial stability (or lack thereof) can affect students’ wellbeing and stress levels. Many students live paycheck to paycheck and must ask themselves, “What will happen if I suddenly lose my job?” Fortunately, UVic department of Student Rewards and Financial Aid has an emergency fund to help students who are facing a financial crisis or unforeseen expenses. Please click here for information on eligibility and loan agreements.

Hidden Gem #4: The Respite Room

Okay, wow… This one is my favourite. I’ve overheard many conversations between students asking, “Where is the best place on campus to take a nap?” The answer is simple: McPherson Library room 132. It’s a private room with a bed (and a stack of fresh sheets, pillowcases, and blankets). The room is usually vacant because very few students know that it exists. All you have to do is ask the front desk to access the Respite Room. A library employee will let you into the room and lock the door behind you. Don’t worry, they’re not judging you. The employee will just check on you approximately once per hour and you can nap (or just take some time for yourself) until you’re ready to face the rest of the day.  I’ve done it many times and I will continue to shamelessly nap until the day I graduate.


Alright folks, that’s all I have for now. I hope you’ve found this list helpful!


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