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Today, I want to share with you an amazing little project I recently discovered which inspired me to write about the importance of finding your quiet place. Hope you enjoy the read.

Present day existence is, for most individuals, a busy one. From periodic email notifications to the constant buzz of Facebook messages – we live in a world in which we’re overstimulated with sounds, sights, and smells that can overwhelm us. This overstimulation can drain us physically, emotionally, and mentally and may even manifest itself in the form of anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, sleeplessness, etc.
Now, more than ever, we need to find some quiet time. We need to find something that works for us. We need to find our own inner quiet place.

Here are some ways to help you find your quiet place:

1. Clean Your Mind

It can be second nature to have Netflix/music running in the background while doing your chores. But try spending some time in the quiet as you wash dishes, iron and fold your clothes or clean your apartment. These kinds of activities are mindless and don’t require the use of any heavy cognitive resources. This leaves you in a nice quiet place, that quiet place that can’t be heard over noise.

For me, washing dishes does the trick. Even though I dislike starting the task, once I start I find myself in a nice quiet zone. And sometimes solutions to nagging problems will pop up in your head during these quiet times.

2. Walk in Nature

Walking in nature is a simple way to find silence. Whether you walk on the beach, in the forest, or along Dallas road, save the tunes for the gym and tune in to your natural surroundings.

3. Commute In Silence

Listening to podcasts while commuting might be the new cool thing to do but put your phone away and enjoy a silent commute instead. Doing so can be an especially beneficial way to both start and end your workday. Silently reflect on your goals for the day in the morning and reflect on the day’s events to renew a tired spirit and restore peace in the evening.

4. Turn Off Screens and Notifications

Texts, phone calls, emails, instant messaging and computers are filled with sounds and stimulation. Each piece of technology comes with an accompanying noise or vibration, some of which we don’t even pay attention to. Try turning off all notifications and gadgets for an hour from time to time and see what difference that makes in your life.

And there you go! Try some of these and let me know how you find your quiet place. It’s all about finding something that works for you. Cooking, meditating, knitting, it could be anything!

See you next time,

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