Hi everyone,

I wish I could say I was unique in the dread I feel when I have to do certain things like sit in traffic or clean my apartment. I wish I was unique in waking up some days and feeling just a little more burnt out than the day before, a little less motivated, and a little more disconnected. Unfortunately, I feel like all of these feelings are pretty universal. Since I love myself and all of you I have found 5 of the best podcasts to listen to when I need a boost, am feeling bored by the mundane things I have to do, or just want some company while I’m alone. Each one of these podcasts focuses on different aspects of mental health and have left me feeling uplifted and hopeful for a happier tomorrow, I hope they do the same for you!

1) The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Paul Gilmartin hosts this podcast that discusses everything under the mental health spectrum from medically diagnosed conditions, to past traumas, to everyday feelings of insecurity. Most episodes have a guest discussing their experiences including a Syrian refugee (Rama I), authors, psychiatrists and so much more. Real people getting real about the challenges they’ve faced and how to overcome or live with them. The diversity in each episode will intrigue you, but the sense of community and insight each episode leaves you with will hook you. One great thing about this podcast is how descriptive the titles are so it’s easy to avoid triggers.

Must listen: Episode #299 College Freshman Meltdown: Jen Curran’s story

2) Bulletproof

Dave Asprey, the host, describes becoming Bulletproof as “the State of High Performance where you take control and improve your biochemistry, your body, and your mind so they work in unison,” allowing you to function at a high level without burning out or becoming sick. Each episode dives into a different topic relating to wellness, doing valuable research so you don’t have to. The guests are interesting and typically specialize in fields ranging from cutting-edge technology to meditation. Asprey doesn’t hold back on his quest to find the easiest way for us to reach our full potential. The episodes vary in length so you can find one for any activity!

Must listen: Episode #457 Be a Boss With Your Brain, Heart, & Gut.


3) Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is an author, journalist, LGBTQ activist and sex and relationship advisor. The relationships we have with other people are only secondary to the one we have with ourselves and his advice has no limits on either topic. He often calls on guests to help him answer questions he feels are out of his depth. His sex-positive and open attitude are a breath of fresh air in a stifling culture where sexuality is often considered taboo.

Must listen: every episode offers something unique, dive in!

4) Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development

Justin Malik reads the best blogs for “Self Help, Improvement, & Lifestyle Design for Motivation & Inspiration.” Malik takes the hours we can spend searching for great, relatable blogs and conveniently reads them to you in under 15-minute episodes. If you love wellness blogs but feel overwhelmed by options or are short on time, this is the podcast for you!

Must listen: Episode #754 Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth narrates this blog post by Angel Chernoff of Marc and Angel Hack Life.


5) Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Rubin and her co-host (and sister) Elizabeth Craft dive into tips and tricks about how to build happier habits based on, but not limited to, scientific research, pop culture, and their own experiences. Maybe I’m biased because I have a sister, but their relationship and banter is so relatable and always leaves me feeling a little more in control of my happiness.

Must listen: Episode #1: The One-Minute Rule.

I hope you give at least one of these great podcasts a try, or this has inspired you to find a podcast uniquely suited to you! The best thing about these podcasts is that they’re free and easily accessible. They are a great resource and reminder that everyone deals with their own mental health struggles, you are not alone. 

Thanks for reading,