Hey readers!  Sometimes when we’re feeling stressed or down, a little pick-me-up can do wonders. The internet has an endless supply of these mood-boosters, but it can be hard to find the really good ones sometimes. Well, look no further. I’ve compiled a few videos that have helped me when I need a mood-booster. Enjoy!

  1. A fluffy Pomeranian playing the piano 

If you have not heard of Shila the Pomeranian yet, then I have the wonderful honour of introducing you to her. Shila’s instagram itself is an incredible mood-booster. It features Shila taking baths, playing with other pups, getting her derrière trimmed, and, my personal favourite, playing the piano. If you’re on instagram, I recommend following her page for daily mood-boosters.

2. That time a BBC Interview with a professor was interrupted by his kids…

Remember when this happened? This was probably one of the most beautiful things that graced the internet in 2017. You can’t help but smile when you see the first child waltz in with confidence and then suddenly a baby rolls in close behind.

3. A beautiful reunion between a lion and his previous owners

warning… this one may make you cry

Let me first say I’m sorry if this made you cry (the Aerosmith song probably didn’t help), but its a good kind of cry right? The kind you need when you’re writing an essay at 2am and need a reminder of the goodness and the purity that exists in animals.

4. Baby number one singing the Beatles

I could probably watch the first 10 seconds of this video on repeat forever.

5. Baby number two singing Elvis

There is something about singing babies/toddlers that always boosts my mood. If you’re wanting to jump ahead to where little Ella actually starts singing, start the video around the 2 minute mark. For me, the highlight of this video is around 4:12 where the music takes a turn and she yells “Here goes… Get ready!” This video never fails to put a smile on my face.

And there you go! I hope that these videos made you smile today. Do you have any go-to mood-boosting videos that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments down below!

Love always,



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