Meditation has many scientifically proven benefits, some of which include improving focus, boosting creativity, reducing stress and anxiety levels, and improving sleep quality. Not to mention, you’ll also feel super zen each time you practice! If you want to take advantage of these benefits and give meditation a try, I have the perfect list of meditation apps that can help you do so.

Now, I’ve tried meditation before but I’ve never been able to stick to a proper routine; I always gave up too fast and then completely forgot about it. This past summer however, with the help of some of the apps listed below, I gave meditation another shot. Now, I’ve found a meditation practice that works for me and has become part of my daily routine!

Okay, before we get to the list of apps, I want to give you a few tips that I think might help.

First, find yourself a comfy chair or sit on the floor on top of a cushion. Then, put your phone in do-not-disturb/silent mode and tell your siblings/parents/roommates to not disturb you for a few minutes. My sister once crept up behind me and scared the sh*t out of me, and it was THE WORST way to end a calm, peaceful meditation session.

Next, remember that you DON’T need to “clear your mind” in order to meditate. That’s simply impossible! And don’t worry if your mind wanders a gazillion times, that’s exactly what the mind does.

Now, how do you know if you’re doing it right? I’ll let Joseph Goldstein answer this one. He says, “if you’re sitting, meditating, and feeling the breath [or whatever the focus of the meditation is], and you’re connecting with the breath [or whatever the focus of the meditation is], and then the mind wanders, you get lost, and you see that, and you come back and you simply begin again. No matter how many times you do that, you’re doing it right.”

Alright, now let’s get to the list of meditation apps that I highly recommend:

1. Calm: Meditate & relax with guided mindfulness meditation for stress reduction

This app gives you free access to a seven-day guided program called ‘7 Days of Calm’ in which you’ll learn about the basics of mindfulness meditation. You’ll also get free access to unguided meditations which can be open-ended or timed, depending on your needs; a body scan meditation; and a loving-kindness meditation.
If you want to unlock more programs like ‘7 Days of Calming Anxiety’, ‘7 Days of Focus’, ‘Deep Sleep’ and much more, you’ll have to buy a subscription.
Subscription options – monthly ($17.99/mo), or yearly ($7.08/mo).

My favourite thing about this app: The soothing background scenes that range from sunset beach, to silent clouds, to pouring rain!
My rating:
Download links:
 iOS / Android

2. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by 10% Happier: Guided meditations & mindfulness techniques

I found this app through a podcast that I randomly started listening to called ‘10% Happier with Dan Harris’. Dan is a news anchor who had a panic attack on live television. He then found himself searching for a way to quiet the “voice in his head.” The voice that “has us losing our temper unnecessarily, checking our email compulsively, eating when we’re not hungry, and fixating on the past and the future at the expense of the present.”
He finally found meditation, which he claims not only helped him with the “voice in his head” but also made him at least 10% happier! He has now worked on a book, the podcast mentioned above, and this meditation app, in order to help other “fidgety skeptics” through mindfulness meditation.

Just like Calm, this app will give you access to a free seven-day basic program. The basic program includes guided audio meditations, simple video lessons that teach the essentials of mindfulness meditation, and a coach who you can message through the app!
You can also click on the “just meditate” tab where you’ll get access to two free lightly guided meditations, and two free on the go meditations – walking meditation and meditation while using your phone!

If you want access to more stuff, like ‘10% Nicer’, ‘10% Less Distracted’, ‘Effective Communication’ and much more, you’ll have to subscribe to this app.
Subscription options – monthly ($13.99/mo), or yearly ($9.17/mo)

My favourite things about this app: FAQ Video which answers some important questions + Walking Meditation which is super cool!
My rating:
Download links: Only available on iOS.

3. Headspace – Guided meditation and mindfulness techniques

Emma Watson says, “It [the app] is kind of genius.” I don’t know if it’s genius but it definitely is a great meditation app.
Headspace gives you free access to their Take10 program, which is the first level of their foundation course in which you’ll learn the basics in ten 10-minute exercises. The program also includes some really cool animations that’ll help you visualize some of the concepts that you’ll learn about.

This app has many other great features, like one-off meditation for kids, meditation while running or cycling, or full meditation programs for health, relationships, performance, etc. but you can only get access to these if you subscribe to this app.
Subscription options – monthly ($17.99/mo), or yearly ($10.83/mo).

My favourite things about this app: The animations and the simplicity of the free Take10 program.
My rating:
Download links: iOS / Android

4. Smiling Mind:

This is my FAVOURITE meditation app. It completely blew me away when I saw how much it had to offer.
Smiling Mind is a non-profit Australian organization and their mission is to “provide accessible, life-long tools based in mindfulness meditation.”

They have programs for – 7-9 y/o, 10-12 y/o, 13-15 y/o, 16-18 y/o, Adults, Sport, Mindfulness in the Classroom, and Mindfulness in the Workplace.
Each program has a number of modules and each module has various sessions.

This app also has bite sized meditations which are short, 1-5 minute sessions for when you’re in a rush.
ALL this, completely FREE!

My favourite things about this app: The Australian accent, the simplistic app design, and the fact that they give you access to SO MUCH for zero dollars and zero cents!
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Download links: iOS / Android

If you’re lost and don’t know which app to try first, I recommend that you start out with Headspace’s Take10 program and then switch over to Smiling Mind and select a program based on your age.

Now go get your zen on!

See you next time 😀

– Akshay


I LIVE for comments! Please share your thoughts, let me know if you tried these apps, or tell me about your favourite meditation apps.

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  1. Have you tried Insight Timer? It’s as simple or as deluxe as you want – a simple timer to time your meditation/ yoga session or a lot of searchable guided meditations to choose from. There are also interesting communities to interact with if you want to.

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