Hello readers! I hope you’re doing great and are acing all of your midterms (or are trying to at least)! 

Now, I live off campus and sometimes have these huge chunks of free time in between classes. Enough time to get bored but not enough time to go home, rest, and come back. It literally takes me 3 minutes to gobble down my lunch (I think I forget to chew sometimes :/). And I can’t get much work done on campus because I’m used to working on my desk at home (lame excuse, I know).

So what do I do with all of this free time?  I nap, or I try to at least.

Taking a short nap during the day, especially during exam season, can be magically rejuvenating. You’ll catch your second wind and will then be able to conquer the rest of the day without feeling like a sloth. (Fun fact: Sloths sleep for ~20hrs a day).

Fun fact - Sloths Sleep For ~20 hours a day!

Sleep is also very important for our mental health, and all of us should do our best to stick to a routine and try not to deviate much from it.

These past few days, I asked my friends and other random strangers if they were willing to share their favourite napping spots with me. I then tested and rated each spot based on comfort, quietness, and secrecy.

So, without further ado, here are the top five spots I picked based on all of the suggestions:

5. Old School Couches in HSD (Human and Social Development Building)

Those couches are super comfy! So, I give this one  4stars for comfort. But, you can’t miss these couches if you step into HSD, so I give it 2stars for secrecy. And it can get quite loud during peak class hours, so I give it 2stars for quietness. You have to find the perfect time, usually any time after 2:30pm, to peacefully nap here!

4. People Chairs in the Library (Lower Level)

“People chairs”, is that what they’re called?? Anyway, there’s only 6 of these in the library and they’re really popular so it’s hard to find a spot and I give it 2starsfor secrecy. But if you do manage to get a spot, they’re just PERFECT if you want to catch up on your readings. I give it 3.5stars for comfort, and because we’re in the library this one gets 5starsfor quietness!

3. University Centre (2nd Floor)

This spot is in front of the Student Affairs office in the University Centre and it’s actually fairly quiet, considering the fact that its directly above Mystic Market, which can get loud. So, I give it 3.5stars for quietness. These curved couches are quite soft and are perfect for the fetal sleeping position, so i give it 3.5stars for comfort. And, most students will only go to this floor for academic advising or counselling services, so it’s actually quite easy to find a spot in the middle of the day. I give it 3stars for secrecy.

2. Philosophy Library (3rd Floor Clearihue)

One of my friends suggested this spot and I did not know that we had a philosophy library on campus! I give it 5starsfor secrecy. It’s more like a lounge and has two couches, a mini-fridge, a microwave, and an iMac!
I give it 4stars for comfort and there are some offices around but its still fairly quiet and gets 4starsfor quietness.

1. Study Room in the First Peoples House

SOFT FLEECE BLANKETS!!! 5starsfor comfort! This one was also suggested by a friend of mine and it was her secret napping spot! (No longer a secret, is it? SORRY!). I had absolutely no clue that we had a such an amazing room on campus and I give it 5stars for secrecy. Super quiet in here and it gets 5starsfor quietness!

Alrighty folks! That brings us to the end of this blog.

See you next time.

– Akshay 😀

I LIVE for comments! Share your thoughts, your napping spots, or your feedback on any one of the above napping spots!


  1. Thanks for your comment Madeleine! May I ask what your favourite napping spot is? 🙂

  2. Love this! Hilarious and relatable. Been to most of these spots myself!

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