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Here are DOs and DON’Ts of Exam Period Sacrifices


Do sacrifice socializing, going out, partying. You have three weeks before you get 4 months off, this is the time to get it together! It’s your last chance to get those As!!! So… sacrifice some socializing time with friends and replace the free time you have while not studying with important necessities.


Don’t sacrifice sleeping time, I’ve been guilty of this so many times, but honestly it’s not worth it. You think so much better when you’ve slept before an exam, I’ve made so many silly mistakes on tests because I wasn’t fully rested. Also, sleep will help reduce your test anxiety. I feel so much more stressed for a big final when I’m running on no sleep.


Don’t sacrifice foods you’re craving. Maintain a healthy or healthy-ish diet, basically eat what you need/want! No diets or huge restrictions during this time, eat what your body feels that it needs, because you’re using so much of your will power to study, it is difficult to also use it to restrict what you’re eating. So eat what you want, be healthy and don’t restrict yourself during high study times.


Do sacrifice social media and TV shows. I’m seriously the best procrastinator, in fact I watched the whole new season of Fuller House last weekend when studying for my organic chem midterm – not a good idea. There can be no more of that during final exam period. So sometimes I deactivate my Facebook or put a block on it for a few hours in order to stop myself from procrastinating. Actually, there’s an extension called selfcontrol that blocks certain websites for how every many hours you want – for those who lack actual self-control.


Don’t sacrifice exercising to study. I can’t lie I’m not the most active person in the world, but I have noticed that simply going for a walk and getting fresh air for a study break helps me concentrate a lot. This might be a good option for you if you’re you having trouble concentrating on your work.

These guidelines have helped me over the past few years to go through a more balanced and healthy exam period, and honestly it took me a few years to actually learn them so hopefully this will save you some time☺

Good luck, Study hard!

– A

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