Hey everyone,

School can definitely feel like an intense full-time job, but with school you have a never-ending amount of work to do even after you’ve gone to all your classes. At the same time, relationships need a lot of time and effort put into them too.

Balancing the two may seem like an impossible task, especially when you’re in a new relationship and you want to be around your significant other ALL the time. You guys know what I’m talking about right? That phase where you saw them two hours ago but already miss them? So how can we make both work together, get good grades and maintain a rewarding relationship??

The biggest key is to mix business with pleasure! I think one of the easiest ways to balance the two is to study together, because we all know how many breaks we take while studying, and those can be mini dates. It’s also a great way to support each other, you can quiz each other and motivate each other. And lets be honest, it’s just nice to know someone else is going through your pain in exam period.

It’s also important to take maybe one night a week to have a study-less date. Of course, it is super important to know your personality when approaching this method– for example if you know you’re not going to be able to get any productive studying done when with your partner, maybe try to study separately, establish a goal, like 50 pages read, and then meet up once you’ve met your goal.

Being successful in school and fostering meaningful relationships are both super important ways to promote positive mental health, so don’t be afraid to incorporate both in your university life, it’s doable I promise!


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