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Year in Review – Top 10 UVicSpace Downloads

January 7, 2019

Are you curious about what items in UVicSpace garnered the most eyeballs this year? We sure were. In keeping with end of year retrospectives, here are the top 10 accessed articles in UVicSpace for 2019.

Top 10 UVicSpace downloads for 2019

(From 2019-01-01 to 2019-12-17)

Downloads           Title
32022 Global corruption : Law, theory & practice   (stats)
27699 PLC Programming for A Water Level Control System: Design and System Implementation   (stats)
18359 Inspiring the adult music learner: focus on adult cello beginners   (stats)
18096 The Benefits of Risky Play and Adult Influence in Children’s Risky Play   (stats)
13876 Project-based learning through the eyes of teachers and students: Investigating opinions of PBL in adult ESL   (stats)
12944 Gender, the brain and education: do boys and girls learn differently?   (stats)
12584 Indigenous ways of learning, being and teaching : implications for new teachers to First Nations schools   (stats)
11018 Dams in the Tigris Euphrates river basins   (stats)
10956 The black prairies: history, subjectivity, writing   (stats)
9602 Dialogic Approaches to Teaching and Learning in the Primary Grades   (stats)

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The copyright and scholarly communications team would like to wish readers and contributors to UVicSpace a great year!