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Making Sense in the Life Sciences by Patrick von Aderkas

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About the Book

making-sensePart of the best-selling Making Sense series, Making Sense in the Life Sciences is an indispensable guide for students in any area of the life sciences – including biology, biochemistry, health sciences, pharmacology, and zoology. Maintaining the clear, straightforward style of the other books in the series, this book outlines topics such as writing essays and lab reports, conducting research, evaluating Internet sources, using electronic journal databases, and documenting sources.

About the Author

patrickvonaderkasPatrick von Aderkas is a professor in the biology department at the University of Victoria. His academic contributions include two books, numerous book chapters, and over 70 papers. He has been teaching at the University of Victoria since 1989, and his current interests centre around plant development as well as the social history of plants.



Praise for the Book – Ist edition

Making Sense in the Life Sciences focuses considerably on the writing process and the mechanics of writing itself. The assortment of writing tips and ‘common pitfalls to avoid’ complement the main text and hit upon many of the problems I observe in students’ writing. Furthermore, entire chapters devoted to grammar, punctuation, and ‘writing with style’ are novel elements in a science writing guide and would be a useful resource for such students. Finally, the Canadian references and examples are refreshing, a change that would appeal to the Canadian audience. —G.B. Bourne, University of Calgary