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Multimodal Publishing – 1st International Symposium

February 23-26, 2022
In Person: LEGACY ART GALLERY, (630 Yates Street, Victoria BC). Please register.
Live Stream

The First International Symposium on Scholarly Multimodal Publishing will be held at the University of Victoria Legacy Art Gallery from February 23-25, 2022 in Victoria, BC. Publishing multimodal research (video, sound clips, graphic stories, etc.) can be challenging for scholarly journals. There is no standard for guiding the peer review processes of these multimedia texts. It is also unclear how Open Access platforms (i.e. OJS) can technically support multimodal publications. This symposium aims at reflecting on how non-standard innovative scholarly works can be published and disseminated in scholarly journals.

During this two-day event, experts, scholars, librarians and graduate students will be invited to share their knowledge, expertise and ideas about how to develop standards to guide peer review processes of multimodal submissions, as well as to identify the technical challenges and opportunities afforded by Open Access production and publishing platforms.

Program: https://multimodalpublishing.wordpress.com/program-schedule/