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“Knight Poet Anarchist” – Herbert Read

“Knight. Poet. Anarchist”: Understanding the Legacies of Herbert Read Through His Archives 

Dr. Ruth Burton  (Interpretation Officer, Special Collections, University of Leeds Library)

Herbert Read was a British First World War poet, publisher, art critic, Knight and professed anarchist who significantly influenced the art and literature of the mid-twentieth century. His diverse archive, which includes correspondence, notebooks and manuscripts, is held by both the University of Victoria and the University of Leeds in the UK. Dr Ruth Burton from the University of Leeds will talk about Read and current projects to identify and map his spheres of influence from archival correspondence, as well as the possibilities for inter-archive collaboration.

Location:             Special Collections and University Archives, Room 025

Date:                     Thursday, September 29th

Time:                    1:00pm

KULA – 2018 issue available now!

Nov 29, 2018

The 22 essays comprising this special issue of KULA come from a place of vulnerability and take up themes of knowledge endangerment across a wide array of disciplines and fields. Composed by 34 authors working internationally—including independent scholars and those with college and university appointments; librarians and archivists in established institutions of cultural memory and in grassroots, community archives; lawyers, publishers, public servants, artists, and leaders of nonprofit organizations; knowledge workers in predominantly white institutions and in historically black or other ‘minority-serving’ organizations; graduate students and Fulbright fellows—they present their ideas in some genres of writing that readers may find unconventional in an academic journal.

Read the essays at: https://kula.uvic.ca/articles/10.5334/kula.60/