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How to manage your mental health when traumatic stories are in the news

January 10, 2024 | BC Today, CBC News via UVic News

In a conversation with BC Today host Michelle Eliot and West Kelowna Fire Chief Jason Brolund, UVic’s Dr. Jillian Roberts shared important information on how to support those who have experienced a trauma. She stated that there are three key things to do in these instances: 1) validate the person’s emotional experience, 2) ensure they are not isolated, and 3) create some way for them to have agency. On the program, Roberts also discussed the necessity of paying attention to first responders’ mental health in disaster events, and the importance of not giving another person a mental image of a trauma event when discussing it with them.

Dr. Roberts is a registered psychologist, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Victoria, and founder of MindKey Health. MindKey Health is a collaborative care center with multiple locations across Southern Vancouver Island.

In 2022, Dr. Roberts co-authored an open access publication about the mental health of emerging adults in the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested in reading this paper, it is available on our institutional repository UVicSpace. You may also wish to explore research from other UVic community members in this area by browsing the repository with the subject term “mental health”.

Latent – Art Exhibit

January 6, 2024 | CBC Radio One 690AM/88.1 FM (CBU) via UVic News

A new exhibit has opened at UVic’s Legacy Art Galleries. The exhibit rose out of conversations between artist Lynda Gammon and curator Dr. Carolyn Butler-Palmer, and focuses on the hidden representation of female-identifying artists in the University of Victoria’s Art Collection.

Dr. Butler-Palmer is the Williams Legacy Chair at the University of Victoria, as well as Associate Professor in the university’s Department of Art History & Visual Studies. Her area of expertise is Modern and Contemporary arts of the Pacific Northwest.

The Wildflowers Around Victoria Painted on Silk, works by Elizabeth Yeend Duer, is a monograph edited by Dr. Butler-Palmer that is available on the University of Victoria’s institutional repository, UVicSpace. We are thrilled to have this, and other scholarly works like it, in the repository!

Where’s winter? So far, it’s been an ‘unnatural’ grey and foggy season; L’Université de Victoria encourage l’action citoyenne pour lutter contre les changements climatiques

January 4, 2024 | CBC News via UVic News; January 9, 2024 | La Source via UVic News

Dr. David Atkinson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria, shared expertise on climate and weather in two recent news media.

In a discussion with Dan Buritt on CBC News Vancouver, Dr. Atkinson explained what this December’s lack of snow across the Lower Mainland may mean for the future. In a second piece, written by Marie-Paule Berthiaume for La Source, Dr. Atkinson is quoted discussing climate change and highlighting UVic’s climate science bachelor’s degree and Transformative Climate Action certificate program.

Interested in learning more from Dr. Atkinson? The Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communications encourages you to access – freely and without limitation – two publications of Dr. Atkinson’s available in UVicSpace.

If you would like to have your own publications in UVicSpace, the university’s open access institutional repository, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at!

Japan’s thirst for biomass is having a harmful impact on Canada’s forests

January 14, 2024 | The Japan Times via UVic News

Discourse surrounding the burning of wood pellets (a type of biofuel that is created from clearcutting in British Columbia forests) as an alternative to fossil fuels is alarmingly misleading, a recent Japan Times article explains. Japan’s government, who sources the pellets from BC, touts them as a ‘carbon neutral’ energy source. Experts such as UVic’s Andrew Weaver, however, explain that the use of wood pellets is not a long-term, renewable solution. According to Dr. Weaver, harvesting trees that are fit to become wood pellets is unsustainable due to the decades it will take for the trees to grow back, and the possibility that climate change may prevent a second harvest of them.

Dr. Andrew Weaver is a Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria. Are you interested in learning more from this important researcher? The Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communications is happy to say that two of Dr. Weaver’s publications are available in our open access institutional repository, UVicSpace!

You may also learn more about this area of study by browsing UVicSpace with the subject terms “renewable energy” and  “biomass”.

Feds must ensure Glencore assumes liability for ‘massive’ B.C. coal mining cleanup: lawyer

December 28, 2023 | BNN Bloomberg via UVic News

As explained by BNN Bloomberg’s Jordan Fleguel, Swiss-based commodity trading and mining company Glencore has recently acquired the coal business of Canadian giant Teck Resources Limited. This acquisition highlights a slew of environmental concerns, as Teck’s coal mines have been leaching the chemical element selenium into Elk Valley’s watershed for years. UVic’s Calvin Sandborn, quoted in the BNN Bloomberg article, says the Canadian government needs to ensure that Glencore will clean up the selenium levels before approving its acquisition of Teck.  If this is not ensured, Sandborn explains, taxpayers could end up being the ones paying for the cleanup, rather than the polluter itself.

Sandborn was the previous director – and current  Senior Counsel – of the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre (ELC). The ELC is an externally-funded, non-profit, public interest clinic, which works in partnership with the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law to provide research and advocacy on environmental issues.

Sandborn has several research articles that can be accessed through the University of Victoria’s institutional repository, UVicSpace! The Copyright and Scholarly Communications Office encourages you to visit UVicSpace to browse and read more from Sandborn.

Exhibit celebrating Nuu-chah-nulth renaissance man to open at Vancouver gallery

January 11, 2024 |Windspeaker via UVic News

The George Clutesi:  ḥašaḥʔap / ʔaapḥii / ʕc̓ik  / ḥaaʔaksuqƛ / ʔiiḥmisʔap exhibit, originally displayed in Port Alberni on Tseshaht traditional territory, will soon open at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art. George Clutesi was a scholar, artist, writer, and educator of the Tseshaht First Nation.

The exhibition features a piece by UVic’s hii-ni-naa-sim, Dr. Tommy Happynook, who is also Nuu-chah-nulth from the Huu-ay-aht First Nations. Dr. Happynook’s piece is a screen print, displayed on four drums, of one of Clutesi’s poems.

Dr. Happynook is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UVic. Dr. Happynook’s Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy, also, are both from the UVic Department of Anthropology. You can read Dr. Happynook’s thesis and dissertation in our institutional repository, UVicSpace!

UVicSpace is an open access learning and research repository for published and unpublished digital scholarly works by the UVic community and its partners.

Beacon Hill Park plaque temporarily removed over concerns of inaccuracy and outdated language

January 4, 2024 | Check News via UVic News

The plaque, according to UVic scholar Reuben Rose-Redwood, erases the Indigenous history of Meegan (known by settlers as Beacon Hill Park).

Dr. Rose-Redwood is the Associate Dean Academic in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Victoria, Professor of Geography, Director of the Critical Geographies Research Lab, and co-founder/Chair of the Committee for Urban Studies.

To learn more from Dr. Rose-Reuben and colleagues about the critical discussions that must continue to happen when removing controversial names and monuments from public and private spaces, please watch the first Relevant-talk series roundtable, available on UVicSpace! UVicSpace is the University of Victoria’s open access research and learning repository.

How to Be a Healthier Drinker; Try Damp January to Cut Back on Drinking in the New Year

December 27, 2023 | TIME via UVic News

January 8, 2024 | The New York Times via UVic News

UVic’s Dr. Tim Naimi, director of the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, was quoted recently in TIME and New York Times articles discussing strategies one might use to cut back on drinking. Identifying your motivations for drinking, setting a goal, getting support from your loved ones, and participating in activities not linked to alcohol consumption are four ways to do so, Dr. Naimi shares. Both short- and long- term benefits can come from reducing how much you drink.

You can learn more about the health benefits of moderate drinking by visiting Dr. Naimi’s publication in UVicSpace, our open access learning and research repository.

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