June 6, 2024 | Victoria News via UVic News

On June 6, UVic officially launched the Open Insights Project, which is meant to create multiple tools that will examine pathways to the goal of net-zero carbon emissions that Canada has set. The Open Insights Project has been in development since 2019, but now thanks to a $2.5 million infusion, they will be able to create tools that “better reflect the overlapping and interacting outcomes of policy changes,” the University said in the Victoria News article.

The article also explained that the infusion will go towards hiring researchers and developers, as well as assist in expanding the reach of Open Insight’s research. It will also aid in improving data inputs and visualization tools. As UVic said in a news release, by providing open-source data and energy models, the project will help to enable speedier evaluations of proposed policies.

“Modelling at the national and regional levels should be transparent, constantly improving and open for all to use,”  said Madeleine McPherson, the lead on the project.

Dr. Madeleine McPherson is the lead member of the Open Insights Project, as well as an assistant professor within the civil engineering department at UVic. Dr. McPherson is also the principle investigator of the Sustainable Energy Systems Integration & Transitions Group. She also serves as an executive member on the Energy Modelling Hub. Dr. McPherson’s areas expertise include, but are not limited to energy systems integration, system modelling and design, and variable renewable energy integration.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. McPherson’s work, we recommend you check out her author page on our institutional repository, UVicSpace! Dr. McPherson has also supervised a number of grad students throughout the years, to learn more about the work that she supervises, we recommend you check out her supervisor page as well!