May 19, 2024 | Vancouver is Awesome via UVic News

Rebecca Warburton will be remembered as a “force of nature”, and as “a generous person who stuck to her belief in evidence” throughout her lifetime and career, says a Vancouver is Awesome article.

The article delved into Dr. Warburton’s rich and diverse career – from working as a CIA analyst to working as a professor/researcher at the University of Victoria. However, what is considered most notable was Dr. Warburton’s time at the Ministry of Health during the infamous 2012 firings, where she and seven of her colleagues were fired because of a flawed investigation.

Eventually, all of the fired researchers won their wrongful-dismissal suits, and were able to return to their fields. Dr. Warburton returned full-time at the School of Public Administration at UVic, where she took on several roles in addition to her associate professorship. Her research areas included but was not limited to child poverty, population health, quality, patient safety and reduction of error in health care, and evidence-based public policy.

If you are interested in reading more about Dr. Warburton’s research we recommend you check out her author page on our institutional repository, UVicSpace!