March 28, 2024 | Hill Times via UVic News

On March 20, the Liberal government introduced a new bill that contains new electoral reform provisions. The new bill, also known as Bill C-65, titled an Act to amend the Canada Elections Act will address privacy policies for federal political parties.

In an interview with the Hill Times, Colin Bennett, a professor emeritus at UVic explained that the possible changes are small, “and they don’t change the behavior of the parties or what they have to do in any significant way.”

Dr. Colin Bennett is Professor Emeritus in the political science department at the University of Victoria. His research in the past focused on privacy protection policies at domestic and international levels, and the social implications of new technologies.

If you are interested in reading more of Dr. Bennett’s work, we encourage you to check out his author page on our institutional repository, UVicSpace! Or, if you are interested in learning about privacy policies, try searching for “privacy policy” in UVicSpace.