March 15, 2024| KelownaNow via UVic News

The federal government has stated that by 2035, all new passenger vehicles and light trucks sold in Canada should be zero-emissions. While that seems like a great idea in theory, a recent study by UVic researcher Dr. G. Cornelis van Kooten indicates that managing this would require a lot more work.

In his recent study published with the Fraser Institute, van Kooten explained that this type of transformation would require an increase in power – estimated to be up to 15.3 per cent. And, as van Kooten explained in an interview with KelownaNow “adding the equivalent of 10 new mega dams or 13 new gas plants in such a short timeline isn’t realistic or feasible.”

Dr. G. Cornelis van Kooten is an economics professor and former Canada Research Chair Environmental Studies and Climate at the University of Victoria. He also leads a research group called the Resource Economics & Policy Analysis research group, which focuses on applying economic analysis to conduct research on natural resource issues of importance locally, nationally, and globally.

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