March 18, 2024 | Global News via UVic News

Following the increase of mini earthquakes off the coast of Vancouver island, Kate Moran, president and CEO of Ocean Networks Canada, sat down with Global News to discuss what this means.

As Dr. Moran explained, these earthquakes – as they are small and far off the coast – are nothing for the general population to worry about. Rather, Ocean Networks Canada are excited because for the first time ever scientists will be able to witness an oceanic crust form in real time. This is due in part to their telecommunication cable, NEPTUNE, powering sensors deep in the ocean. This provides these sensors with real time internet connectivity, which in turn aides in collecting a wide range of earthquake data.

Dr. Moran said that the next step is that Ocean Networks Canada is going to explore the ocean floor at the site of these earthquakes in June, to see how it has changed visually.

Dr. Kate Moran has been the president and CEO of Ocean Networks Canada since 2012. Ocean Networks Canada is a facility that operates observatories in the deep ocean and coastal waters of Canada’s three coasts.

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