December 17, 2021

Since January 1, 2021, the University of Victoria’s institutional repository (UVicSpace) has seen 1068 fulltext uploads. Of that total, 369 comprise theses and dissertations. The theses and dissertations collection had 13,668 visits from across the world (e.g., US, Russia, Germany, France, Netherlands, etc.)

The top 5 downloads in the theses and dissertation collection are:

10353 Project-based learning through the eyes of teachers and students: Investigating opinions of PBL in adult ESL   (stats)
5658 The drafting of Vietnam’s Consumer Protection Law: an analysis from legal transplantation theories.   (stats)
5301 Form, content, body parts: an analysis of gender relations in contemporary Japanese film.   (stats)
5293 Evaluation of EHR Training as a catalyst to achieve clinician satisfaction with technology in acute care setting   (stats)
5107 Tarot cards: an investigation of their benefit as a tool for self reflection   (stats)

The top 5 downloads in our open access monograph publishing series are:

85961 Global corruption : Law, theory & practice   (stats)
7481 Handbook of eHealth Evaluation: An Evidence-based Approach   (stats)
5762 From Family to Philosophy: Letter-Writers from the Pastons to Elizabeth Barrett Browning   (stats)
4581 Greek and Latin Roots, Part 1 (Latin) and Part 2 (Greek). Contribution of Greek and Latin to the English Language   (stats)
3762 Narratives of Memory, Migration, and Xenophobia in the European Union and Canada   (stats)

To get started with uploading your work contact the UVic Libraries Copyright and Scholarly Communications office at scholcom (at) We can help you archive your final published or accepted manuscript versions of your articles in UVicSpace after checking publisher permissions. Placing your research publications in an open repository increases knowledge dissemination and helps satisfy the Tri-Agency’s open access to publications requirement.