December 11, 2020|Smithsonian Magazine via UVic News

A team of researchers had the chance to collaborate on a study of brain and star corals in the middle of a heat wave that lasted from 2015 to 2016. The team narrowed their focus on Christmas Island (also known as Kiritimati) for in-depth observations on the recovery of bleached coral during a heat wave rather than after sea temperatures had cooled down.

In a sea of grim news, researchers have found a glimmer of hope: Some corals have the capacity to recover from bleaching, even in the middle of a heat wave, reports Erik Stokstad for Science. The team published their findings this week in Nature Communications.

This paper features co-authors, Danielle C. Claar, Samuel Starko, Kristina L. Tietjen, Hannah E. Epstein & Julia K. Baum. Collaborators include UVic Biology faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and students. They are also a part of Baum’s lab team at UVic whose research is dedicated to the impact of climate change on the ocean and the marine life that thrives there. The Copyright and Scholarly Communications Office encourages you to explore this article and to read more of their important work by visiting UVic’s institutional repository, UVicSpace.