Global Corruption: Law, Theory & Practice (Third Edition) by Gerry Ferguson is a new release published by the University of Victoria. It can be downloaded for free on UVicSpace:

Published under a CC BY-NC-SA license

This book has been specifically created to make it easier for professors to offer a law school course on global corruption. It is issued under a creative commons license and can be used for free in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes. The first chapter sets out the general context of global corruption: its nature and extent, and some views on its historical, social, economic and political dimensions. Each subsequent chapter sets out international standards and requirements in respect to combating corruption – mainly in the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and the OECD Bribery of Foreign Officials Convention (OECD Convention). The laws of the United States and United Kingdom are then set out as examples of how those Convention standards and requirements are met in two influential jurisdictions. Finally, the law of Canada is set out. Thus, a professor from Africa, Australia, New Zealand or English speaking countries in Asia and Europe has a nearly complete coursebook – for example, that professor can delete the Canadian sections of this book and insert the law and practices of his or her home country in their place. While primarily directed to a law school course on global corruption, this book will be of interest and use to professors teaching courses on corruption from other academic disciplines and to lawyers and other anti-corruption practitioners.

Praise for the book

Global Corruption is the Canadian (and arguably US and UK) definitive text on ABAC. Like Hogg on constitutional law, but for anticorruption. Throughout the day, my counterparts from the other banks emailed back their thanks and great surprise at the sheer wealth of the resource that Ferguson has provided.
– Daryl Davis (H.B.A., B.C.L. & LL. B)
Chief Advisor, Sanctions and Anti-Corruption Program Management, National Bank of Canada

In Global Corruption, Ferguson provides a rich analysis of the nature, scope and extent of global corruption by canvassing international requirements and UK, US and Canadian law on a vast array of topics from the investigation, prosecution and sanctioning of corruption, money laundering and the recovery of corruption proceeds to laws and policies on preventative mechanisms such as the regulation of public procurement, lobbying, campaign financing, whistleblowing and other corruption risks.
– Dr. Leonardo Borlini
Department of Law, Bocconi University & Co-author of Corruption: Economic Analysis and Law

This book by Ferguson is an invaluable resource for the international community as he provides an amazing wealth of information and analysis for students and practitioners on the scope and details of the international standards against corruption, including the UN and OECD conventions as well as the various ways in which the laws of US, UK and Canada attempt to combat corruption.
– Dr. Nikos Passas
Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Northeastern University, Senior Fellow of the Financial Integrity Institute, Case Western Reserve School of Law Chair, Academic Council of Anti-Corruption Academy, India & 2017 Dr Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award Recipient