Fair Dealing Week

Lise Brin | February 26, 2018 | Canadian Association of Research Libraries

“The Canadian Association of Research Libraries is celebrating the start of Fair Dealing Week 2018 by taking to social media and relaunching an expanded http://fair-dealing.ca website to promote the benefits of copyright’s fair dealing exception.

CARL President and University Librarian at Dalhousie University, Donna Bourne-Tyson stressed the importance of highlighting the benefits of fair dealing at this time: “The federal government is currently undertaking a review of Canada’s copyright legislation, and we as representatives of research libraries feel strongly that this user right must be maintained. While many people do not realize that they themselves make use of fair dealing on a regular basis, those of us who work in education – especially those of us in libraries – not only see the frequent application of this right, but also see the end results: the papers, the theses, the new scholarship and innovation that are the results of having benefited from such uses.”

Fair Dealing Week will be celebrated with a social media campaign on Twitter, using the hashtags #fairdealingworks, #faircopyright, and #fairdealingweek (and in French #droitdauteur and #utilisationequitable).

We invite you to share your personal fair dealing stories on Twitter. Tell us how fair dealing is important to your work, studies, or creative pursuits. We also invite you to submit your story as a testimonial, along with a photograph, to be considered for inclusion on the website. Contact Lise (lise.brin@carl-abrc.ca) to receive the Call for Testimonials (available in French and English) or to submit a testimonial.”