The Chronicle |March 12, 2012 | Michael Stratford

“Amy L. Reynolds, an associate dean at Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communication, had never heard of the Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism when she first received an e-mail soliciting submissions for it. But she took a quick look at the journal’s Web site, recognized some friends and colleagues on its editorial board, and sent a note about the publishing opportunity to all of her school’s graduate students.

That’s a decision Ms. Reynolds says she now regrets. Several weeks later, she was shocked to learn that one of her doctoral students had submitted research to the journal and received an $1,800 invoice in return. Even though the student refused to pay the fee and withdrew the paper, the journal published it. To make matters worse, the version that was posted online contained several mistakes, including a formatting error that made it appear the student had plagiarized someone else’s work.”

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