Daily Self-Monitoring Study

The Daily Self-Monitoring Study’s aim is to understand how daily emotional and social experiences impact people’s engagement in a variety of potentially harmful coping behaviours, including:

  • Disordered eating

  • Non-suicidal self-injury, and

  • Alcohol or drug use

Enrolment is open to young adults, aged 17-30, who currently live in the Greater Victoria or Vancouver area. You will only be invited to complete the study if you meet the eligibility criteria: 

The study has four parts:


  1. INTERVIEW SESSION on Zoom during which you will complete questionnaires about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and complete some interviews with a graduate student in the Risky Behaviour Lab 
  2. OPTIONAL LABORATORY SESSION during which you will complete questionnaires and other tasks
  3. 23-DAY SELF-MONITORING period, during which time you will use your cellphone to complete several very brief surveys about your emotions, activities, and behaviours
  4. FOLLOW-UP portion available only to select participants, depending on eligibility criteria assessed during your in-person interview. If you are eligible, you will be invited to complete three online self-report surveys 3 and 6 months after you complete the 23-day self-monitoring period.


Click here to complete our screening survey and see if you qualify.