University Systems staffs a dedicated team of specialists specifically to engage with, support, and enable the research community on campus in their development and implementation of research computing capabilities. These team members include both research-specialized systems administrators as well as research computing specialists who can directly assist in identifying best-fit computing resources for particular research workloads and implementing those workloads on UVic and partner organization computing services.

Ryan Enge: Associate Director, Research Computing Services

Ryan Enge is the Associate Director, Research Computing Services and Site Lead for “Arbutus”, part of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s national cloud platform and largest Research Cloud in Canada. He started in Advanced Research Computing (ARC) after joining the High-Energy Physics (HEP) group at the university in 2004. In 2005 he joined the Data Centre Services (DCS) team within University Systems. When UVic received its first WestGrid system at the end of 2009, Ryan helped deploy Nimbus, Compute Canada’s first Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud and then OpenStack in 2014. The RCS team was formed in April 2017 and Ryan switched from a technical role to a leadership role of this team. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys camping, cycling, and playing soccer.


Jeff Albert: Manager & Architect, ARC Infrastructure

Jeff Albert is a veteran higher-education technologist; over fifteen years’ experience in increasingly complex technical roles have led him to his current position designing and operating research cloud infrastructure for the University of Victoria and Compute Canada. The challenge of building at the leading edge of new technologies has proven a great fit for his dynamic and aspirational approach to the work. When not developing the technology to enable world-class scientific research, Jeff is an avid cyclist, triathlete, and multi-instrumentalist musician.

Matthew Benstead: Senior Research Systems Administrator

Matthew Benstead is a Senior Research Systems Administrator at the University of Victoria. He joined the university in 2010 at the Computer Helpdesk while completing his Computer Engineering degree. Since then he has worked as a System Administrator for over 10 years in both academic and commercial settings, and returned to UVic in the Research Computing Services team in 2022. Matthew enjoys working with new technologies and being part of a team that provides researchers with reliable large scale computing and storage resources.


Dylan Griff: Senior Research Systems Administrator

Dylan Griff is a Systems Administrator at the University of Victoria. He joined the university in 2011 at the Computer Helpdesk while still completing his Computer Engineering degree. He has worked in various roles administering systems and software at the university, along with software development roles at a few external companies including a short start-up adventure, before joining the Research Computing Services team in 2019. Dylan is motivated by the positive impact of enabling life changing Canadian research through providing quality computing resources. In his spare time Dylan enjoys motorcycling, rock climbing, and a potentially unhealthy amount of video games.


Burkhard Ott: Senior Research Systems Administrator



Belaid Moa: Advanced Research Computing Specialist

Belaid Moa is an advanced research computing specialist with a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Victoria; and a Master’s in electronics and signal processing from the École Nationale supérieure d’électronique, d’électrotechnique, d’informatique, d’hydraulique et des télécommunications in Toulouse, France; and a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the École Hassania des travaux publics in Morocco. With more than 15 years of experience in interdisciplinary research areas, he is currently collaborating with, guiding, mentoring, teaching, and supporting many researchers across Canada so that they can take full advantage of the advanced research computing systems, technologies and tools available; these include machine learning, bioinformatics, big data, dockers, and high performance computing.


Sarah Huber: Advanced Research Computing Specialist

Sarah Huber joined research computing services in 2022 after finishing her PhD in mathematics at the University of Wuppertal in Germany. Prior to working as an Advanced Research Computing Specialist, she studied parallelisable methods for numerical linear algebra during her doctoral research, completed a MSc in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, and worked on a wide variety of other research projects spanning biochemistry to numerical analysis. Sarah now works to support researchers at UVic and across Canada in using advanced research computing resources, providing project-specific consultation, troubleshooting support, and training for all levels of experience with research computing.


Ryan Taylor: Advanced Research Computing Specialist

Ryan is an advanced research computing specialist who joined the team in 2010 after completing a M.Sc. in particle physics on the ATLAS experiment. Ryan has expertise in areas including grid computing and storage, cloud computing, and content distribution technologies, and has a strong interest in emerging container orchestration technologies.

Luke Whittington: Research Systems Analyst

Luke Whittington is a Systems Analyst with Research Computing Services at the University of Victoria. He administers and operates OpenStack cloud installations that support researchers across Canada and writes software to automate and facilitate tasks performed by Compute Canada staff at UVic and across the country. He has 15 years of experience as a web and infrastructure developer as well as 3 years of experience in a previous life as a game developer. He is happy to talk your ear off about good coffee, good beer, good food, travel, loud music and the perils of raising four children.

Ryan McRonald: Senior Information Security and Research Data Protection Analyst

Ryan McRonald is a Senior Analyst supporting research computing for UVic, WestGrid, and the Compute Canada federation.  He is the National Security Council representative from the Arbutus site.  As his very first password would suggest, he is ‘lotsofun‘.​ He has Canadian and international experience. He has worked in information security inside and outside of the research environment.​ As a PMP certified project manager he has been responsible for planning projects, estimating effort, reviewing deliverables, dealing with issues, and managing people. As a CISSP he has been responsible for designing secure systems, assessing systems, and for managing compliance. As a privacy and security advocate, he sees that these important areas are treated appropriately on the projects he manages.  Outside of work Ryan tinkers with 20 year old hardware, open source software, and enjoys long road cycling rides any time of year.


Drew Leske: ARC Software Team Lead

Drew is a software developer and architect with 25 years’ professional experience in computing, including as a developer, systems integrator and administrator.  Drew has focused on research computing since 2003, supporting research at UVic and across Canada.

Drew leads the new ARC Software Development Team and works with our researchers to bring their research and ideas online and collaborate and compete internationally.