Disposal of welding machine and tools boxs

Similar to the ‘grand piano’ scam, other large items, such as welding tools, are also being offered in recent scams. The common thread among all these offers is this: if you express interest in the item, you are asked to pay for the shipping costs. The scammers’ goal is to get you to send them a payment using non-refundable money orders or gift cards. However, after you pay the shipping cost, you will never receive the item you were expecting.

From: Dr. <real name of a UVic person>  <****@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 7, 2024 3:59 AM
Subject: Disposal of welding machine and tools boxs

Notice: This message was sent from outside the University of Victoria email system. Please be cautious with links and sensitive information.

Dear Student/Faculty And, One of our staff in University of Victoria , <redacted name> ( Coordinator, Academic Administration) is downsizing and looking to give away her late dad’s Miller 951937 Dynasty 300 TIG Welder w/ TIGRunner Pkg & Wireless Foot Control, With A Complete Set Of Snap On Tools Box And Accessories. If interested in any of the equipment kindly indicate by sending him a mail via your personal email for a swift response. to indicate your interest in any of the listed items contact him on his private email address (****@outlook.com ) to arrange delivery with a moving company.


Dr. <redacted real name>