16.89 % Salary Increase Letter 29 September 2023

High volume phish from a compromised account of another Canadian univeristy encountered, which tries to lure the user with too good to be true offer of salary increase. Phishing signs:

  1. Sender email address external to UVic, which wouldn’t be the case if it was an official UVic notice.
  2. Too good to be true offer, way too high an increase in salary.
  3.  Generic salutation and signature.
  4. Grammatical and capitalization errors, and unnecessary use of accents in the text.

Always look for warning signs in an email, and never open attachments in a phish not even for curiosity as it can lead to infecting your device. Always think if you were expecting such an email, if still in doubt contact your departmental IT support or helpdesk.

Subject: 16.89 % Salary Increase Letter 29 September 2023
Sender: [redacted sender email address]
Attachment: UVIC SALARY_protected.pdf

Notice: This message was sent from outside the University of Victoria email system. Please be cautious with links and sensitive information.

Dear All,

Sequel to last wéék notification, find encloséd héré-undér the létter summarizing your 16.89 percent salary increase starting 29 September 2023

Αll documénts are enclosed héré-undér:

NOTE: Your Αccess is needed to go through the salary increment letter, Initial Αccess is Salary

Payroll & Employee Relations