[ Systems Maintenance Update] Updating/ Accounts Migration

This phish is circulating today. It has no links, instead a well crafted text tries to persuade the victim to send their credentials by clicking “Reply-To”.  The sender address is spoofed so that the email looks like coming from the UVic Helpdesk. However the Reply-To address is different/external. Note that the UVic helpdesk would NEVER ask for your credentials. Neither by email nor by phone.
This is the first indicator that the email is phish.   Other typical tactics that we can see here is – scary tactics. Imply urgency “your account will be deleted”, “act fast” etc.


UVic Computer Help Desk will be performing an emergency systems maintenance which includes Updating/Migrating Accounts, MyUVic & Email Symantec Endpoint Protection Communication to a new SPAM filtering service which will improve Barracuda Spam Firewall Email Security Overview and the ability to identify and block Spam / Phishing attempts and other undesirable messages that flood our email system / server on a daily basis.

We have seen a recent uptick in phishing/unauthorized entry on your account login details, and we want to alert you to follow the resources available to protect your account and the school mailing system. Please be informed that UVic Help Desk will delete any UVic NetLink ID, Account, MyUVic & Email Users account that does not adhere to this notice IMMEDIATELY as part of our (Inactive Accounts Email Security Overview) and clean-up process to enable service upgrade efficiency.

We request that you re-confirm your UVic NetLink ID ( Email Account Login Details) as requested below for Migration, Quarantine Exercise and Protection against SPAM by clicking the reply button and replying to this email with your active UVic NetLink ID login details as follows. (This will confirm your University of Victoria Account login/usage Frequency):

Click on the “reply” button and Confirm your UVic NetLink ID credentials;

*      NetLink ID:
*      Password:
*      Email ID:

By re-confirming your active UVic NetLink ID details as listed above, you have abide by the University of Victoria Communications Policy.

NOTE: We will Permanently deactivate and delete your UVic NetLink ID credentials if you do not adhere to this notice immediately as part of our Inactive UVic NetLink ID credentials clean-up process to enable service upgrade efficiency.

Thank you,

Computer Help Desk
University of Victoria
Clearihue A037.