Job Vacancy

This is another popular phish today. The subject may vary – “Vacancy”, “Job Vacancy” etc, and the sender can be another UVic address or the recipient’s address.  This is a typical job scam. What they rely is the “Reply-to” address,
that’s the address were your reply goes and in this case it is an address in gmail.

Please do not reply and do not open the attachment.
Do not engage with the scammer via email or SMS and do not forward these emails around. If you responded to the scam, contact the Computer Help Desk immediately for assistance, especially if you sent personal information or money.



Sender: some address
Subject: Job Vacancy
Attachment: (1) Work From Home.docx

I am sharing a job vacancy with students, staff and individuals who might be interested in UNICEF paid job of 500 per week. See attachment for details.

Kind regards

—-end of the transcript—