You Have 2 New Shared File

This phish tries to lure you in with a payroll-related document. It claims to be from UVic, but there are several signs it’s not from us:

  • The sender address is external. Real payroll or HR emails should come from a UVic email address.
  • “Uvic” uses incorrect capitalization, and there are other capitalization errors.
  • The subject line has incorrect grammar.

Hovering over the link will show that its destination is also not The phisher also seems to have used individualized click tracking links for this campaign. This highlights another good reason why you shouldn’t click the link out of curiosity–the phisher may be tracking who clicked and send those people more phishing emails.

Phish claiming to be a staff payroll document from "Uvic Docs", with a link to click to review the supposed document.

Subject: You Have 2 New Shared File
From: Uvic Shared Document <>


Please find the attached Document “Staff Payroll”.

Review Document

Note: This email grants access to this Document.

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