You have missed a NetCall from 01-348 9288. or You * receive a share document

Yesterday evening we received medium volume phish with the given two subjects. The reason these two types of phishes are combined in one post is that phish links are the same in these, presumably same threat actor.

Both these phishes are social engineered to invoke your curiosity as to what the voice message or shared document would be. This curiosity leads to clicking of the links. These are claiming to be Netcall service and Sharepoint but if you check the sender’s email domain its neither of those. The links also doesn’t relate to any of these services. Other giveaways are grammatical errors, salutation is your email account, urgency in the NetCall phish ‘automatically deleted after 48 hours’.  The easiest way to recognize these types of phishes is asking yourself were you expecting such an email.

Never be curious and eagerly click on links, you can always check the link by hovering over it. If in doubt, report the email using ‘Report Phishing’ button or reach out to DSS or helpdesk.