Eat Where You Live

What does Eat Where You Live mean?

Eat at home.
Eating at home or meals prepped at home is one of the biggest behavioural factors preventing weight-gain for adults and teaches your family positive health behaviours.

Eat with friends & family.
Food is a social activity that humans have bonded over for millions of years, building meaningful social relationships improves health by reducing biological stress (i.e. cortisol levels) and thereby reducing disease risk.

Eat local food as much as possible.
Acquiring food close to home supports local food producers, reduces the ecological footprint of your diet, creates fewer chances for contamination, and connects you to your community.

Eat the season you’re living in.
By eating food seasonally you diversify the nutrients in your diet, save money, and avoid higher ecological impact growing processes (e.g. greenhouse tomatoes in winter).

Eat Where You Live.