Olivia Delisle is a fourth-year student at the University of Victoria – she studies Geography, and Global, Urban, and Community Development. Olivia takes an interdisciplinary approach to her studies, focussing on global issues of inequality and the conditions and opportunities under which these patterns and imbalances can change – specifically, how they can change in socially just ways. Olivia is passionate about environmental health equity, ecological sustainability, social and environmental justice, critical health promotion, healthy living environments, housing rights, participatory action research, and health geography.

Throughout her University career, Olivia has participated in community-based research partnerships with community organizations in Victoria, British Columbia. In 2022 she partnered with the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture and HeroWork Society. Olivia proposed, developed, and implemented highly intensive project deliverables during these partnerships. For example, she developed a virtual field trip of the Sandown community farm published on the organization’s website. She produced a 25-page project report outlining the vision for a resource-sharing map for HeroWork Society.