My favourite parts of studying at UEA!

Choosing a university to study abroad was difficult. It was between a couple of schools in Australia and multiple ones in the UK. I chose the UK to be able to travel around Europe. I chose the University of East Anglia because of its well-known Creative Writing program.

The creative writing program is amazing, but the highlights have been other aspects of studying specifically at the University of East Anglia.

1. The clubs and societies

This university has a massive selection of sports clubs and community societies. At the beginning of every term, they have “taster sessions” which are free opportunities to try out the sports and chat with members.

I joined the swimming and water polo club, the dance squad club, and the MMA club. I could only handle 3 clubs because I wouldn’t be able to focus on school if I took any more.

Some clubs I almost joined were mountaineering, surfing, badminton, and pole fitness. The societies included communities of different cultures, hobbies, and beliefs.

I joined the comedy society which allowed me to perform stand-up, while some of my friends joined the vegan society, environmental society, and the Taylor Swift society. I love how many opportunities and communities there are aside from university studies.

2. The club nights

This university has devoted 3 nights a week to dancing and letting loose. In up to 3 different rooms they have DJs set up for dancing with friends when you want to unwind on a weekend or blow off some steam mid-week.

I have fun going to these but for sure only once a week at most. Since it’s on campus near accommodations, it’s a fast, familiar, and safe way to have fun as a uni student.

Aside from club nights, this building holds club nights for artists and bands to perform live. They even have a queer club night called Spectrum.

posters of events

3. The never-ending events that make university fun

They have events on every week from the student union such as crafts on Thursday from pottery to tote bag decorating. They also have events which bring students into town to explore Norwich’s activities/facilities, some examples include bowling, laser tag, and going sledding. Other events are more nature-based such as group trips to nearby beaches, exploration walks/hikes, and dog walks.

event posters

4. The events for international and study-abroad students

The beginning of the year in September-October was full of opportunities to meet other students beginning with 3 nights devoted to an international student meet and greets including free drinks and pizza.

At the beginning of the second term in January, they also had these events. Throughout the year they’ve had other international events to assure that study-abroad students had a community to relate to and connect with.

5. The campus is in the middle of nature

The lake near campus is where students may go to run, sit at the dock, or take a break from computers. The nature near campus is amazing and allows students to have a giant space to host barbecues, dance parties, and play sports like frisbee or football. It’s nice when students want to have a break from university work too!

I’ve loved being a 1-year student at UEA. I’m sad to be leaving but I’m glad I chose this university.

University of East Anglia lake

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