Summer Activities in Victoria

If you plan to be living in Victoria over the summer, you’ll really enjoy it! The city really comes alive during the summer with beautiful warm weather and endless outdoor activities 🙂

Here are some ideas to add to your bucket list this summer!

Fisherman’s Wharf

Located in Downtown Victoria James Bay area, Fisherman’s Wharf is a ‘floating city’ where many local Victorians live in unique house boats, and there are multiple food and beverage vendors with a lot of table seating in the summer.

Spend your afternoon getting lunch and walking around the floating city exploring the unique architecture.

Beacon Hill Petting Zoo & Park

At the bottom of Victoria, there is a massive park, ‘Beacon Hill’, which is home to many peacocks who roam around and flare their feathers! There is also a children’s farm you can visit by paying a donation upon entry. This petting zoo has animals like pigs, goats, guinea pigs, and more!

Baby goat stampede

Thetis Lake 

A short 15-30 minute drive away from UVic is Thetis Lake in Langford. This lake gets very busy in the summer so I suggest using transit or arriving earlier in the day to get a parking spot!

This lake has an island in the centre that many people swim to to be in their own world. There is a lovely trail loop around the lake which is generally flat with some hills. You can swim, paddle boat, cliff jump, have a picnic, hike, or just sit and enjoy!

Sooke Potholes

Just 40 minutes or so away from UVic is the famous Sooke Potholes, which is a long river of swimming holes and small waterfalls that are lovely to sit by and swim in the summer. The water is cold but on a warm summer day it’s very refreshing and enjoyable to cool off.

Rooftop Volleyball

At the Rooftop restaurant above the Sticky Wicket downtown, there is a full-sized outdoor volleyball court that is always used during the summer from lunch time to the evening! Theres also live music and DJs, themed nights, and more!

Kayak/SUP Rentals 

While you can rent Kayaks and SUPs at many areas in Victoria, the closest place to UVic is Cadboro Bay and they even provide student pricing to make it more affordable for University students! This bay is very relaxing and has restaurants and cafes nearby to enjoy after you work up an appetite exploring the bay.

Willows Beach

Located in the Oak Bay Area, Willows Beach is a large soft-sand beach with a massive grass area as well for activities and picnics. This is the softest sand I’ve ever walked on!

You can run right into the water without having to worry about stepping on any rocks or barnacles.. no water shoes or flip flops necessary! There is also a food stand with ice cream and items such as fries and hot dogs.

Harbour Hot Tub Boats 

Relax in a hot tub as you explore the Upper Harbour and Gorge Waterway! For as little as $70 a person you can sit in a moving hot tub boat for a few hours.

.,,There is even a built in cooler so you can bring drinks to sip and enjoy as you float along the water. You can even jump in and out to swim in the ocean and immediately warm up in the hot tub!

When you’re adventuring around Victoria this summer, make sure you’re respectful of the land and clean up after yourself!

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