UVic Has a New English Curriculum: What Does this Mean?

When I was first heard the English curriculum was changing on May 1, 2023, I was nervous.

My English major peers and I were scared that the credits and requirements that we had achieved up to this point in our academic careers would not count. However, we have to less to worry about than we may think. Here is what you need to know about UVic’s new (and improved) English curriculum.

ENGL is so last year. While registering for English courses from this point forward, you will no longer search for the “ENGL” course code. Now, keep an eye out for “ENSH” courses. Both codes stand for “English,” so this is purely a visual change.

The change to the curriculum itself involves the addition of many theme and genre courses. Currently, English majors focus on literary history, but now, you can choose to learn about how works in different themes and genres exist. Think horror or “coming of age.”

Watch Dr. Andrew Murray talking about his ENSH 315 course, Coming of Age Novels!

Additionally, prepare for less rigid requirements. Although you must fulfill the same amount of credits, now you will be able to customize your program to fit your interests, potentially paving a path to your desired career.

Course levels will now be more clearly separated. For instance, 100-level courses will meet the academic writing requirement; 200 level courses will be surveys and introduction to literary study at the university level; 300 level courses will will dive deeper into topics and themes; 400 level courses will be small CAPSTONE courses, where students will be able to work more intimately with their professors.

To answer the more burning question, current English majors will not lose any of their credits or fulfilled requirements. In fact, you can choose to continue on with your ENGL degree, fulfilling the same program requirements you have already started. If you decide to switch to the new curriculum, you will have to contact Academic Advising.

Personally, I will be completing the last year of my degree under the ENSH curriculum. I have come a long way under the old curriculum, but I will have more freedom to study my specific interests under the new curriculum.

If you have any questions, visit the new ENSH website and check out the new courses and degree requirements.

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