Be(ing)Real at UVic

By now, if you haven’t heard of BeReal, then you’re missing out on perhaps one of the best internet fads of the decade.

From their website, “every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes. [It’s] a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life”. I love BeReal because it’s sort of like a scrapbook of my day-to-day life. Many of those notifications happen on campus. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite moments from the semester through the eyes of my BeReal.

Wednesday, January 11: Standing among giants outside of Cunningham Building

Thursday, January 26: Hanging out with my fellow French Undergrads friends at a Soirée jeu de société (board game night)! I won 🙂

Saturday, January 28: Playing Music Bingo at a local pub with some of my friends in my FRAN classes! I also won 🙂

Tuesday, February 21: I have no idea where I’m going in this picture lol

Wednesday, March 1: My favourite day of the week – I volunteer at a local French immersion high school every Wednesday and learn about teaching in a French immersion context. The students are the best part of this whole experience hands down!

Tuesday, March 7: I took a nap on the Quad in between classes. Best 30 minutes of my life

Tuesday, March 14: In the Welcome Centre, relaxing after my tour!

Wednesday, March 15: I’m hanging out in Le Salon!

Sunday, March 19: Doing a last-minute group study session to prepare for a test! (we all failed)

and of course, because you never know when your BeReal goes off, there are tons of pictures of me over the semester looking like this:

If BeReal has taught me anything about my life on campus, it’s that I wear the same two shirts every day. I should change that up next year…

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