My Top 5 Study Spots on Campus

If you’re looking for a new study spot on campus, I’ve got you covered! Here is a list of five of my favourite places to study on campus and why:

1. The David Strong Building (DSB)

David Strong Building, Photo by vanessa

This was one of the first places I found myself gravitating to when I had time to spare and I needed a quiet, cozy and bright area to study. As soon as you walk into the David Strong building, it has a nice calm aura and it’s usually not too busy in there.

They have a really nice area with benches along the wall near the windows that is really nice to sit at especially when the sun comes beaming in.

2. The Education Learning Commons in the MacLaurin building

If you are looking for a nice spot to study where it’s a little more chill and relaxed with beanbags, a few separate rooms and even a TV that you can connect to, the Education Learning Commons is a great spot to go!

Education Learning Commons, Photo by vanessa

3. The Law lounge in the Fraser Building

This is a great, quiet place to have your lunch and study, or even sit with some friends on the couches around a table.

In the law lounge they have microwaves you can use, a fridge and even sometimes coffee or tea. There are sometimes puzzles laid out on the tables, too!

Fraser Law Lounge, Photo by vanessa

4. Bob Wright Centre Common Area

If you need a place to sit and you’re hungry, but you don’t want to wait in line at the Cove or Mystic, the Bob Wright Centre has a cute little cafe inside it that you can go to.

It’s got coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries, and more that you can choose from (which is all self serve). Next to it are tables and chairs, and some comfy sofas that you can sit at to do your work or eat your lunch.

Bob Wright Centre Cafe, Photo by vanessa

Bob Wright Centre, Photo by vanessa

5. Clearihue Building

Clearihue Building, Photo by vanessa

Last but not least is the Clearihue building.

I love sitting at the tall stools in the A wing right by the windows, especially on a sunny day when I can soak up the warmth.

It’s a great place to put your headphones in and listen to music while you study away.

I find that I study the most in this spot specifically, probably because it doesn’t get much traffic.

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