If You’re Lonely, Buy A Fish

My fish, Ernie

As a lot of us know, life away from your family and friends can become quite lonely.

If you live at home or otherwise, the feeling of loneliness can always creep up on you, most likely when you least expect it.

Thankfully I have a solution for you. If you’re lonely and want a companion, but you can’t have an animal with fur, buy yourself a fish!

Fish are comparatively easy pets to keep! All you need is a tank (which doesn’t have to be huge, but should give your new pal enough room to swim around comfortably).

The great thing about the tanks are that you can decorate them with whatever you want! The rocks at the base of the tank come in so many different colours and sizes, you can get different kinds of decorations or statues to put on display for your new friend, and pretty much make it your own!

The setup is pretty straightforward. The first thing you’re going to want to do to set up the fish’s new home is to give your tank a rinse with hot water. Don’t use any soap though because that can be toxic for the fish.

Next, give the rocks you chose a rinse and dump them into the bottom of the tank. Do the same with any other decorations you want to decorate with. After that, fill up the tank halfway making sure the water is a close match with the room temperature.

Next is to get your fish, so go pick the one you want to have as your new pal! Then when you get home you’ll just need to put the bag in the tank to match the water temperatures and eventually pour the bag water into the tank, making sure you’ve conditioned the water, and voila! Your new friend has just been introduced to their new home!

Now all you’ll have to do is feed them once or twice a day, clean the tank every week or so, and love them to death!

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