5 Tips for Exam Season

1. Find a good study spot

Image by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

I am a firm believer in the study spot making the study session.

Try to skip the spots you know don’t work as well for you, whether that’s because they’re too loud, too crowded, or the seats aren’t comfy.

Some of my favourite study spots as of late are the Education Lounge in the MacLaurin Building, the third floor of the library, and even the big multipurpose room in upstairs of the Building 1 dining hall!

2. Make sure you’re eating and sleeping well

You need to help your body thrive as much as possible during this stressful time. I know that for me, when I’m hungry or tired I am way less productive and end up wasting a lot of time daydreaming or feeling sleepy when I’m trying to study.

If you’re able to get into bed even just an hour earlier, you’ll be helping yourself out immensely tomorrow.

3. Make a good study schedule 

Try to get started on studying early on if you can. Making a good study schedule can help with this and guide you in breaking down really big tasks that are otherwise overwhelming.

I like to use my planner or Google Calendars to schedule in study sessions and hold myself accountable.

Image by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

4. Schedule in breaks

You won’t be your most productive if you’re trying to study all the time. Your brain needs some breaks too! Try to find time to schedule in a dinner with your roommates, read a few pages of your book, go for a walk to the beach, or whatever refreshes you.

5. Remember you’re almost there!

At the end of the day, you’re almost there. Look at the big picture: only a few more weeks and days until you’ve made it to summer! Hang in there and know you have lots to look forward to soon.

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