My Personal Favourite Cafés in Victoria

Across Victoria, there are many eateries, cafes and restaurants that are high quality, but in my opinion, there are four across town that are in this special grouping that fills your gut with smiles!

Here I will be giving you a brief summary of these places and other key information to enjoy your meals.

— and pictures of course 😉

1. Jam Cafe 

542 Herald St, Victoria

Close to a bus stop but does require a bit of walking (approx. 5-7 mins) to the entrance.

Do you like rustic, cozy and feeling like you just stepped into the early 1900s?

A farm fresh experience?

Then Jam Cafe is the place for you!

Customer service is super friendly but can be a bit tough to get help as the waitresses are focused on getting the orders in a timely manner as Jam is a busy place.

The food does take a minute to come out but it’s phenomenal as the fresh ingredients are so prominent with every bite!

Entrance to Jam Cafe

Wall decor that really brings you into a farm-like feeling

Pulled Pork Pancakes (this does not seem to be on the menu right now)

Jam Cafe menu

The price is on the higher side but the price matches the cost of the dishes in my opinion.

The only real downside to Jam Cafe is the wait times for this place can be very long; so I strongly recommend you place a reservation for a table to secure a seat or five.

My final thoughts on Jam Cafe are that it is an excellent place to have a scrumptious dish and hold passionate conversations.

Jam Cafe is a cozy place that frankly, is worth the wait for a table because of how good the food is.

2. West Coast Waffles

1235 Broad St, Victoria

Very close to a bus stop but it does require a 1 min walk to the entrance.

Crave your childhood but crazier?! Then West Coast Waffles is your vibe!

West Coast Waffles is a cozy and minimalist-style restaurant that truly brings you back to your childhood.

The service does take a minute because they use fresh ingredients and make sure the waffles are cooked to flavour perfection!

Customer service is excellent and the cooks are always bringing atmosphere by chatting with patrons.

There are usually seats available when you walk in and no immediate need to reserve seats. Unless it’s tourist season…

Service counter

Salted caramel whole wheat waffle

Oreo caramel waffle

Satisfied customers!


West Coast Waffles is super affordable for the student on a budget!

The only main downside to West Coast Waffles is that the dishes can be quite sugary and that can be a turndown for many people.

My final thoughts on West Coast Waffles are that this place is super great for those who like to bring out their inner child and sweet tooth as it has so many tasty dishes!

Not to mention Quazar’s Arcade (2 min walk away) is just down the street to get the sugar rush out.

3. Shine Cafe

1548 Fort St, Victoria

Very close to a bus stop but it does require a less than 1 min walk to the entrance.

– or –

1324 Blanshard St, Victoria

Close to a bus stop but does require you to walk a less than 5-minute walk to the door.

“It’s pretty good!” – Friend

Shine Cafe is your modern-style cafe where they have focused on making sure the customers are content.

The space is super friendly and welcoming as you see local artists and their pieces.

Service is swift and the staff are incredibly cooperative with you taking your time to order and chat.

The manager I spoke to told me that Shine is a pro-women company and is based on leadership with kindness and responsibility.

The only real downside to Shine Cafe is the wait times for this place can be very long so I recommend you place a reservation for a table to secure a place to eat.

Raspberry pancakes with bacon and eggs

Eggs Benny on home fries and herbed potatoes


Shine has a special Monthly Special that is super appetizing!

“Om-nom-nom-nom…” – Friend

Shine is on the moderately pricey side but frankly, it’s truly worth the cost as these dishes leave you speechless from the marvellous flavours.

My final thoughts on Shine Cafe are that it is a great space for filling your stomach with classic brunch-style meals and homey artisanal drinks. I give this place a big thumbs up!


The head of their PR was kind enough to give me some close-up photos of the space!

Kudos to Anna Marie (she/her/hers) for these photos!

4. Fresko One World Cafe

642 Yates St, Victoria

Close to a bus stop for easy access

Spice up your life at Fresko One World Cafe!

Cuban-style dishes and endless rich flavours bring you to South America!

The entrance to Fresko may seem like a bit of a “hole in the wall” but it sure is one heck of a delicious stop for Latin food.

Service is speedy and timely as you can watch the chef make your dish fresh and warm.

Customer service is superb as the owner cares deeply about making sure the customer feels welcome.

Pozole Verde! So good and spicy, the flavour just tastes incredible!

South American spices and goods rack if you want to make your dishes taste that much better!

Such an experience that you would not regret visiting here.

You do have to be aware of one minor challenge as the menu is wholly in Spanish but the owner is super helpful to give you translations and recommendations if you’re stuck on what to choose.

My final thoughts on Fresko One World is that it is a place you should visit for a change-up on North American dishes. Fresko is super affordable as well.


All photos were consented to be used by the management of these establishments. 


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